Transport Welding

Mr Welder Welding offers a range of transport welding services and we work on projects no matter their size.  Typical projects we work on are:

  • Trailer services
  • Modifications
  • Refurbishment
  • Crack repairs
  • Insurance

At Mr Welder Welding we offer quality service for your trailer repairs, modifications through metal fabrication, welding and mechanical fitting process. Unlike many large trailer companies we offer Mr Welder repairs and can even service a minor repair in transit if client requires.

As we are certified pressure welders we have the ability to complete chassis repairs by splicing out old or damaged chassis rails. Then by way of full peneteration butt welding we are able to achieve a finished product equal to that of it’s original spec and compacity.

If you’d like to discuss your transport steel welding project with one of our specialist team or you have some questions you’d like answered simply call us at 02 9186 4061.